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Blue Whale Free Crochet Pattern

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

The oceans are mysterious, wild and free...and so are the creatures the live into the deep blue.

I've always been fascinated by Whales...they are social and intelligent creatures, graceful swimmers that nurture, play and sing.

A couple of years ago I went whale watching on a little boat on the St Lawrence River in Canada and I got the chance to see and be close to one of this gentle giants...I will never forget that day!

Today I want to share with you the crochet instructions of a cute little BLUE WHALE I designed some time ago.

The whale is part of my Nautical Amigurumi Collection that features, together with the whale, a seagull, a lighthouse, a sea star, a life belt and a series of colorful lobster buoys.

You can purchase the pattern of the entire collection by clicking on the image!

Here's the FREE pattern of the whale! ... HAVE FUN!


YARN: Medium Weight Yarn (Lace 4) in Turquoise and White

OTHER MATERIALS: Polyester Fiber Filling, Two 9mm Black Safety Eyes

HOOK SIZES: 3.5 mm

STITCHES USED and ABBREVIATIONS: magic ring (mr), chain (ch), slip stitch (sl st), single crochet (sc), decrease (dec), increase (inc), back loop only (BLO), fasten off (F/O).

INSTRUCTIONS: Work in rows otherwise instructed; join with a sl st, and ch1 at the end of each row.

Disclosure. Most blog posts on this website contain affiliate links. This means I get a small commission if you click-through & purchase (no additional cost to you).

BODY (turquoise and white yarn)

1) starting off with turquoise yarn, 8 sc in a mr (8)

2) inc around (16)

3) *1 sc, inc*, repeat ** around (24)

4) *2 sc, inc*, repeat ** around (32)

5) *3 sc, inc*, repeat ** around (40)

6) *4 sc, inc*, repeat ** around (48)

7) *5 sc, inc*, repeat ** around (56)

8-17) sc even (56); insert the plastic eyes between rounds 15/16, 15 stitches apart

18) *7 sc, dec*, repeat ** around, 2 sc (50)

19) switching to white yarn, sc even (50)

20) working in BLO, *3 sc, dec*, repeat ** around (40)

21) *2 sc, dec*, repeat ** around (30)

22) *1 sc, dec*, repeat ** around (20); stuff the doll

23) dec around (10)

24) dec around (5); F/O, close the hole and hide the yarn.

Embroider the 2 LINES under the eyes with some white yarn.

FINS (turquoise yarn; make two)

1) 5 sc in a mr (5)

2) inc around (10)

3) *4 sc, inc*, repeat ** around (12)

4-6) sc even (12)

7) *4 sc, dec*, repeat ** around (10); F/O and leave a tail of yarn to sew the fin to side of the body.

TAIL (turquoise yarn)

Make two:

1) 6 sc in a mr (6)

2) *2 sc, inc*, repeat ** around (8)

3) *3 sc, inc*, repeat ** around (10)

4) *4 sc, inc*, repeat ** around (12)

5) *5 sc, inc*, repeat ** around (14)

6) sc even (14)

7) *5 sc, dec*, repeat ** around (12)

8) *4 sc, dec*, repeat ** around (10); F/O and cut the yarn

Do no cut the yarn once you have completed the 2nd fin, CH 1 INSTEAD.

Merge the two pieces together:

9) join the yarn with a sl st to the 2nd fin, ch1 and sc in the same st, 3 sc, 1 dec, 4 sc keep crocheting on the other fin, 4 sc, 1 dec, 4 sc (18)

10) *1 sc, dec*, repeat ** around (12)

11) sc even (12)

12) *1 sc, inc*, repeat ** around (18)

13) *2 sc, inc*, repeat ** around (24); stuff lightly only this part of the tail, do not stuff the two fins

14) sc even (24); F/O and leave a long tail of yarn to sew the tail to the back of the body (between rounds 18 and 20).

WATER SPRAY (white yarn)

1) 8 sc in a mr (8)

2) 8 sc in the bl (8)

3) *2 sc, dec*, repeat ** around (6)

4) sc even (6)

5) 4 sc in each st around (24)

6) 2 sc in each st around (48); F/O and hide the yarn

Sew the water spray on top of the whale using some white yarn.

I can't wait to see your version of my BLUE WHALE! Feel free to tag me (@elisascrochet) in your photos on Instagram or Facebook if you'd like!



This pattern is an original pattern by Elisa Sartori of Elisa's Crochet.  Please do not claim this pattern as your own. If you wish to share this pattern, you may link to this pattern but please do not reprint it on your site. You may keep a copy for your own personal use but please DO NOT sell the pattern or distribute it.

You may sell products made from this pattern but please clearly credit the design to me, Elisa Sartori of Elisa's Crochet. Permission is NOT granted for mass production or factory manufacturing of any kind. Thank you!

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Chooi Han Siew
Chooi Han Siew
Dec 17, 2021

Hi, i am new to amigurumi. I can’t seem to be able to get the fins right. It looks like to be an almost flat piece but mine seem almost conical. Would appreciate some advice how to get it flat. TIA

Evie Steidl
Evie Steidl
Dec 22, 2022
Replying to

It is a conical shape, you press it down (sort of fold it) to flatten it :)


I’m very confused about the tail and can’t finish it 😭

can anyone help me, pls?

15 hours ago
Replying to

Hey, everyone seems kind of confused on the fins in this pattern, which, I understand because I was too at first. For joining the find together, I chained two in the second fin, and then slip stitched to the first fin, this is the general way on how to join things together. You'll find it when making other dolls. As for the round, make sure you put your ground market on before continuing. Make sure that you also crochet on the chained area for proper connection. As for the flatness of the fins, it's crocheted in a conical way but come out flat since they aren't supposed to be stuffed.


Sarah Robinson
Sarah Robinson
Sep 04, 2020

this is probably kind of a dumb question but i'm still pretty new. this appears to be a circular design but it says work in rows-- so, does that mean after i slip stitch, i turn the fabric, chain 1, and go the opposite direction as in linear pieces? or does it continue the same circular direction the whole time? I just like to be super clear before beginning and having to scrap all my work! lol

Replying to

When working a piece like this, the rows are “in the round.” Just mark your first stitch and the piece SPIRALS upward away from the start, in rows. only time you need to chain away it refers to those as chain stitches, or ch.


Jayanthi R kumar
Jayanthi R kumar
Aug 09, 2020

Once you get to the end of the second piece, don't fasten away. Instead link into the first piece and continue. Pls follow the instructions in the pattern. Also posting pic of the tail

Mackenzie McClain
Mackenzie McClain
Aug 09, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much could you by any chance post a pic from the top view of the tail? tysm


Patchouli Nitt
Patchouli Nitt
Aug 09, 2020

Beginner here. I am very confused about the tail. How do I merge the two pieces together? Since there is no photo of the whale from the back, I couldn't see how it was done.

Replying to

You have to sew it together with yarn.

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