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Welcome to Elisa's Crochet!

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Happy New Year Fellas Crocheters and welcome to Elisa's Crochet!

Let me introduce myself first :)

I've always been a crafty person.

I've always enjoyed creating things with my own hands.

My brother, he's a designer, I think it runs in the family.

As a matter of fact, I discovered crochet only a few years ago.

Before, I enjoyed painting, photography, making jewelry, all sorts of art.

While I did have fun doing these other things, nothing got me hooked like crochet (pun intended).

I started crocheting around 2013. My first creations were some teddy bears that I made for my friends' kids. When I look at them now, I smile thinking of how proud I felt when I finished them. I showed them to my husband. I showed them to my family on Skype. They were all very complimentary, but what I really loved was the reaction from the kids when they received these amigurumis. I liked the idea that these toys would be part of their childhood.

Back then I did not know crocheting would become such an important part of my life!

Almost six years later, my passion for crochet is still growing. I can't stop thinking about new amigurumi designs, how to create amigurumis that kids will love and remember when they'll grow older.

Life's a journey, and I like to think that with crochet we can help others making good memories along that journey.

Over these years I've met a lot of people who, like me, love crocheting. The amigurumi designers' community has helped me improve my skills and finding inspiration for new projects. That's the reason I am starting this blog.

I'm planning to use this blog to connect with other crocheters, share amigurumi patterns, experiences, ideas, and receive your feedback!

Thank you and enjoy!


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