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Valentine Cactus Free Crochet Pattern

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it always takes a bit of effort to find that special gift to say “I LOVE YOU”.

My fellow crafters, we all know that nothing is more appreciated than a handmade gift, right?…it speaks love, comes from the heart and shows how much we care about our loved ones!

So what about crocheting a unique gift for your Valentine?

This year I’d like to come in your help by sharing a cute and easy amigurumi project for the most romantic day of the year!

Here’s my adorable Valentine Cactus!

Do you like it? It's easy and fun to crochet!

Here is the free pattern for my Valentine Cactus:

YARN: BERNAT Super Value in Forest Green

BERNAT Satin in Bordeaux, Snow, Ebony and Seashell

HOOK SIZES: 3.5 mm

OTHER MATERIALS: two 6mm Black Plastic Safety Eyes

White Marble Accent Stones, 32-oz. Bags

White Clay Pot (3” diameter)

Disclosure. Most blog posts on this website contain affiliate links. This means I get a small commission if you click-through & purchase (no additional cost to you).

STITCHES USED and ABBREVIATIONS: magic ring (mr), chain (ch), slip stitch (sl st), single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc), decrease (dec), increase (inc), fasten off (F/O).


Work in rows otherwise instructed; join with a sl st and ch1 at the end of each row.

CACTUS (green yarn)

1) starting off with green yarn, 6 sc in a mr (6)

2) inc around (12)

3) *1 sc, inc*, repeat ** around (18)

4) *2 sc, inc*, repeat ** around (24)

5-8) sc even (24)

9) *10 sc, dec*, repeat ** twice (22)

10-18) sc even (22); insert the safety eyes between rounds 7 and 8, 5 stitches apart

19) *9 sc, dec*, repeat ** 2 times (20)

20-24) sc even (20)

25) *8 sc, dec*, repeat ** twice (18); stuff the plant firmly

26-27) sc even (18)

28) *1 sc, dec*, repeat ** around (12); F/O and hide the yarn.

Finish stuffing the cactus firmly.

Embroider the MOUTH and the EYELASHES with some black yarn.

Embroider the CHEECK BLUSHING with some pink yarn.

Embroider the SPIKES with some white yarn (create knots or simply embroider straight vertical line).

ARM (green yarn; make two)

1) 6 sc in a mr (6)

2) *2 sc, inc*, repeat ** twice (8)

3-5) sc even (8)

6) 4 dc, 4 sl st (8)

7) 4 dc, 4 sl st (8)

8) 8 sc (8); F/O and leave a long tail of yarn to attach the arm to the side of the cactus.

Stuff the arm.

HEART (red yarn)

Make two:

1) 6 sc in a mr (6)

2) 2 sc in each st around (12)

3) *1 sc, inc*, repeat ** around (18)

4-5) sc even (18)



6) 1 dec, 14 sc, 2 dec, 14 sc, 1 dec (32)

7)1 dec, 3 sc, 1 dec, 2 sc, 1 dec, 3 sc, 2 dec, 3 sc, 1 dec, 2 sc, 1 dec, 3 sc, 1 dec (24)

8) sc even (24)

9) 5 sc, 1 dec, 10 sc, 1 dec, 5 sc (22)

10) 5 sc, 1 dec, 9 sc, 1 dec, 4 sc (20)

11) sc even (20)

14) 4 sc, 2 dec, 6 sc, 2 dec, 2 sc (16)

15) 3 sc, 2 dec, 4 sc, 2 dec, 1 sc (12); stuff the heart firmly

16) 6 dec (6); F/O and close the hole.

Using a string of green yarn, secure the heart in between the two arms.

Place the white marble stones inside the pot.

Insert a toothpick half way into the base of the cactus to make it stand in the pot.

I can't wait to see your version of this Valentine Cactus! Feel free to tag me in your photos on Instagram or Facebook if you'd like! @elisascrochet



This pattern is an original pattern by Elisa Sartori of Elisa's Crochet.  Please do not claim this pattern as your own. If you wish to share this pattern, you may link to this pattern but please do not reprint it on your site. You may keep a copy for your own personal use but please DO NOT sell the pattern or distribute it.

You may sell products made from this pattern but please clearly credit the design to me, Elisa Sartori of Elisa's Crochet. Permission is NOT granted for mass production or factory manufacturing of any kind. Thank you!

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