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From July 5th until July 23rd

29 exclusive fairytale crochet patterns

for only $32.66 (€29.99)

Amigurumi designers from all around the world have gone on a trip to the Amigurumi Island and have brought you the patterns to create the little creatures who inhabit it!

PLUS An exclusive e-book about Little Red Riding Hood’s adventure through the

Little Wolfie is missing, and his father, the Big Bad Wolf, is angrier than ever: if Little Red does not act quick, he will destroy Popcorn Village! Accompany Little Red on an adventure across the Amigurumi Island and meet all kinds of beings, talking flowers, monsters, fairies, gnomes, mermaids… Everything you can imagine! You will not only be able to read about them, but also make them!

Will you be able to bring the fairytale to life? The challenge starts now!

By buying this collection you participate in an AMAZING GIVEAWAY!!!

10% of the profit will be donated to UNICEF!

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